April 2016


The Office of National Statistics estimates that in 2013 back, neck and muscle aches cost the equivalent of 31 million working days. And it is thought that one in every four British adults will experience the discomfort and distress of back pain at some point in their lives.

Of course, some of these incidents are caused by accidents and injuries, but many are a result of prolonged poor posture and the relatively modern habit of sitting for many hours a day.

Often back pain is dismissed, or treated with pain killers and then sufferers are left to cope with long-term grumbling or acute pain. Thankfully a research by Arthritis Research UK and the University of York showed that yoga really does help.  I run the 12-week Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs programme tested in the clinical trial at Maitri Studio in Belfast.

“I would definitely recommend Miriam’s Yoga for Backs class to anyone with lower back pain/issues.  The class and the ‘homework’ have helped me to incorporate a regular yoga practice into my life.  I can really notice the benefits of this as my lower back pain has reduced….”

This is a very gentle and effective course of yoga to provide you the tools for better posture throughout your day, whether sitting or standing or lying down.  You learn techniques to help your functional movement, and to build the confidence to deal with your back pain yourself.  If this sounds like something you could benefit from, check out my yoga for backs page for more resources.

Read some more background in this article in the Independent.