About Me

I’m a professionally qualified, mature, friendly and experienced holistic therapist, yoga teacher and mum of 3.  My passion is to work with people to improve and maintain their health and enjoy their wellbeing. I’ve enjoyed competing at an international level in sports including an Olympic Games.  My body has also felt the pain of injury and this led me to explore yoga and therapies.  I now find the less competitive practice of yoga more nourishing both mentally and physically and with a top up massage or reflexology treatment, I’m good to go!  I have always enjoyed working with people. After 20 years being employed by large corporations both in the private and public sectors, I began retraining when my youngest started school and I now find deeper satisfaction as a self-employed yoga teacher and holistic therapist.  I’ve now clocked up well over 17 years of experience and valuable ongoing professional development.  I love this work, each day is different.  I meet with 0-90 year olds, individually and in groups, ranging from corporate to community level, in health and specialist treatment centres to deliver the best quality yoga and therapy I can. Don’t hesitate to get in touch, my wish is for yoga and holistic therapies to be accessible to everyone. You don’t have to be fit or flexible to start yoga, and massage is wonderful for tiny babies, the elderly and everyone in between.