This is what clients and student have said about their experiences

Adult Yoga

  “Delighted to have found your classes and I am enjoying them immensely.”   Catherine

  “I’m really enjoying learning yoga, and I appreciate how caring and professional a teacher you are.”   Gillian

  “I attend Miriam’s classes each week and really appreciate her knowledge, care and professionalism. She has helped me to continue my practice, through physical health difficulties and at times when stress and grief deeply affected my wellbeing.”        Margaret

  “Miriam’s yoga class kept me focused, grounded and balanced during a very difficult and stressful time. It has also, kept me feeling flexible at a stage when others are telling me they feel stiff and sore.”    Jane

  “Miriam’s class was my first experience of yoga and I was relatively fit at the time from playing hurling and some boxing training.  I did not, however, consider myself to be overly flexible and had had some knee and shoulder injuries in the past.  At the time I started I was in the middle of my final year in university and did not have time for a lot of training or physical activity.  I loved my first class which was welcoming and informative and left me with a feeling of fulfilment and relaxation.  From then on, I was always excited to go to yoga class and it really helped me get through the week.  I felt less stiff and more able for my every day activities, it even gave me an extra spring in my step taking the dog up the cavehill.  I can honestly say that Miriam’s class helped me to improve my flexibility, core strength, and knowledge and awareness of my own body and what it needs.  The class helped to relax and relieve stress during a busy time for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”   Jack

   “Just a few quick words to say that I really enjoy your class at Oakfield Community Centre.  Although I have enjoyed your classes in the Leisure Centre in Carrickfergus, I feel that because of the smaller class size and the class being during the day that I got a lot more from it.  I left the class today feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the rest of the day, as well as feeling that I reached my full potential at some of the poses!  After today’s class in Oakfield  I feel that I can more confidently try some of the poses in my home practice. Thank you.”    Annamarie

   “I love going to Miriam’s yoga class, she pays attention to details in the yoga poses and spends time with you individually.  I particularly enjoy the relaxation at the end of the class – pure bliss!”   Suzanne

Yoga for Backs

“It is wonderful to know, that when back pain is persistent, and getting you down and you begin to wonder is there anything more you can do to alleviate your symptoms, there is always Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs………..It is a  toolkit of gentle exercises and relaxation techniques, which promote pain relief and feelings of calm, well being and confidence which carry through into everyday life…………..I would highly recommend Miriam’s Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs classes to anyone wishing to alleviate back pain, and promote core strength, good posture and well being.”     Mary

  “YHLB has contributed greatly to my current positivity.  I walk taller, I am more relaxed and calm and my breathing practice alone helps the pain I previously made worse by forcing.  I would like my GP to suggest it to  patients with confidence.”     Margaret

  “This is such a good course. Easy and gentle on anyone with fibromyalgia (my paticular problem). I would recommend this to anyone as Miriam is so patient, calm and attentive to the needs of everyone in the class and she works alongside you to tailor the stretches and moves to suit your capabilities.”      Ali

  “I would definitely recommend Miriam’s Yoga for Backs class to anyone with lower back pain/issues. The class and the ‘homework’ have helped me to incorporate a regular yoga practice into my life.  I can really notice the benefits of this as my lower back pain has reduced. There’s still the odd ache or twinge but through the class I’ve learnt how to manage/relieve the pain.  It’s lovely to practice in a smaller class and Miriam gives the participants a lot of individual attention.  The progression and pace of the course was perfect for me – I’m now able to better appreciate the deeper, stronger poses that we are practicing now.  The emphasis on relaxation has also been of great value especially during my practice at home.”   Paula

  “This course has helped me feel calmer and more able to deal with stress and pain.  I don’t feel helpless anymore.”      Nicola

  “I attended Miriam’s yoga classes for help with lower back pain.  The exercises were very clearly explained and most enjoyable.  This is very beneficial when continuing the exercises at home.   I found the tape and exercises very helpful in enabling me to continue and enjoy my golf.”   Olive

  “For a man who has long resisted enlisting in classes of this kind, this was a very encouraging and pleasant experience.  The overall atmosphere was most relaxing, a voyage of discovery during which I found that beneficial exercise does not always have to leave you gasping and sweating.  Miriam’s voice has a unique soothing timbre to it.”    Jonathan

  “This course was very beneficial and I enjoyed it too.  The feeling of wellbeing and flexibility after each session was wonderful.  I have learned how to care for my back and be aware of sitting and standing positions which support and help to avoid damage.”    Mairead

Pregnancy Yoga


  “I am coming up on the end of my maternity leave and Finn is starting nursery tomorrow, and I have been doing a bit of reflecting and just wanted to say a massive thank you.  You gave us such a great start through pregnancy and the birth and also the first few weeks of Finns little life.  I don’t think I will ever truly be able to say just how big an impact you had on us but it has meant everything to me.  So thank you for helping me see a calm and focused approach to everything.”   Lesley-ann

  “When I first found out I was pregnant I had heard about the benefits of pregnancy yoga and decided to join a class from 16 weeks – This was one of the best decisions I could have made for a number of reasons.  Miriam’s class was so much more than I anticipated a pregnancy yoga class to be – not only did it offer a safe place to relax and exercise each week, but a place to share in my journey with other pregnant women and learn so much more about pregnancy and childbirth than I could have ever imagined – all with plenty of craic of course!  Miriam’s passion, knowledge and gentle guidance prompted me to become more informed about my labour choices which I hadn’t even considered before.  I believe this knowledge and perspective gave me the confidence and strength to go on to have a very smooth, positive, natural child-birthing experience.  Before starting, I was terrified about the physical task that lay ahead but that soon changed as the weeks went by and I tuned into my own body,  realising what it was capable of and feeling at ease with Miriam’s help.  The yoga practice itself kept my ever-changing body stretched and relaxed, and also seemed to pay off post-partum which is always a bonus!  Through this class, I have formed friendships with a great group of ladies who I still see most weeks for mum and baby dates.  Most of our group also went on to attend Miriam’s baby massage and mum & baby yoga classes which have been very enjoyable.  My social like has never been better!  If you are thinking of joining a pregnancy yoga class that offers so much more, then I can confidently say you need not look any further.”  Sarah

  “Just want to say that I am really enjoying your pregnancy classes.  I was very nervous coming to a group of strangers but you have such a welcoming personality and your class has such a warm atmosphere it’s just lovely!”

“Thanks for all your great advice and positive approach to childbirth.  My yoga classes felt like they were more than simply yoga.  I’m greally going to miss the class – looking forward to baby yoga”   Lynsey

  “The classes were very relaxed and all the positions were designed for the stage that you were at in your particular pregnancy and just helped make everything a lot easier.  Even though it was near the end of my pregnancy when I started attending your yoga classes I felt like I was able to use my body again; I was able to walk with more ease and felt like my old self again”    Anne Catherine

Mum & Baby Massage/Yoga

  “Thank you for all the support you have given me through my pregnancy and the first steps of my journey into motherhood.  Your advice and friendship has been invaluable; simply having an experienced mother to listen has helped me and my daughter immensely!  Your teaching has helped to calm me and shown me how to rationalise and deal with my fears.  I have met some truly wonderful mummies in your classes and now that I am returning to work, I will desperately miss your yoga sessions.”     Leanne

  “Thanks as always for being the most supportive teacher”    Jane

  “Great Class, relaxing and very enjoyable for men as well.”     Heindrick

  “Really useful to learn new techniques to nurse, look after my baby and relaxation techniques.”     Olga

Holistic Therapies

“I think the massage I had last week was the most relaxing I have ever had.   Your work on my posture was very helpful too and will have long term benefits”  Sarah

  “Thank you for the incredible massage.  It felt so good.  I always feel so safe when I get a treatment from you.   Thank you for creating such a safe and beautiful atmosphere. ”       Nicky

  “Thanks a million for all the kindness, care and support you have given to me over the last few weeks.  The regular reflexology and massage has really helped slow me down and relax .”     Liz

  “Thanks Miriam for all your wonderful treatments – I so appreciate it!”     Jayne