Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to check with my doctor before taking the classes?

I request that you complete an enrolment for all my classes.  While both my pregnancy and mum & baby yoga classes are gentle and safe, if you have doubts then check with your doctor.  If you or your baby required any interventions at birth please seek medical approval at your post birth check-up or with your GP prior to starting a class.

What if I’ve never done any yoga before?

That’s fine; many women come to their first yoga class when they are pregnant.  Celebrate!  You are about to experience something that can become a real source of pleasure, strength and relaxation for your years of parenting to come.

What should I bring with me?

Bring your own yoga mat plus a blanket & socks for relaxation (Maitri studio is fully equipped so you are welcome to use the studio mats/blankets).   In the 3rd trimester your birthing ball may also be useful.  Take time on your own mat to practice, rest and relax at all times throughout your pregnancy, whenever and where-ever you may be!

What should I wear?

Loose comfortable clothing in layers so that you can remove and add to suit your temperature, making sure that you have something soft and warm to cover up in for the relaxation at the end such as a shawl or long cardigan, socks and a blanket.

When can I start Pregnancy Yoga classes?

After your first trimester has passed when your baby has settled nicely into your growing uterus and the extreme fatigue and tiredness of early pregnancy is starting to lift.  You can start anytime from the 14th week of pregnancy.

When can I keep coming to Pregnancy class until?

Right up until you meet your baby on the day that they decide to be born.  When booking your classes your estimated due date is your 40th week of pregnancy but more realistically most first babies are born between 41 and 42 weeks.   So add two weeks onto your due date and your baby will then have their full term to choose their optimal birth-day.

Can I drop into a Pregnancy Yoga class?

Yes…after 36 weeks you can opt for a drop in rate.

When can I start Postnatal Yoga?

You can begin my Postnatal & Massage Class from 4-6 weeks depending on your birth.  One to one Postnatal Recovery Sessions are suitable immediately following a regular birth or from 2 weeks if a medical intervention was required.   These sessions can make an invaluable gift to new mothers and include their baby.  It is never too late to do some postnatal yoga and women may find it beneficial many years after birth to recover pelvic alignment and tackle back problems.   If in doubt seek medical approval before starting a class.

When can I start Baby Massage classes?

From 4 weeks onwards, you can begin these classes that include nurturing, loving touch, gentle movement and relaxation.

When can I start Baby Yoga classes?

After your baby has gained a degree of head control which can be variable with 12 weeks being the benchmark when all babies will be ready.   This also gives you time to come through your fourth trimester of pregnancy when your body has settled into a feeding pattern with your baby (whether breast or bottle) and your pelvis settled after delivery.   However every Mum & baby dyad is unique and many mums feel ready sooner especially if they have other children, for this reason my classes are kept small and tailored to the needs of the group.

What should I bring for my baby?

A bath towel is ideal for baby massage and a blanket or cot sheet for under your baby at yoga.   Bring anything else you may require to feed or change your baby.

Can I breastfeed/ff and change my baby during class?

Yes, of course.   The class flows around everybody’s needs!   Expect that freeding will all be part of the class, come to move, relax, chat, sing, smile, laugh and just enjoy your time together with your baby in the company of others.   Water, a cuppa and small snack is provided for mums too.

What if my baby feeds or sleeps most of the class?

Every week will be different,and certainly younger babies may sleep or feed more.  The best approach is to come with low expectations, and then you will enjoy the parts of the class that do work for you.  Most Mums take part in most of the class, most of the time.  When feeding or if your baby is sleeping, you can use a doll to practice yoga or massage moves and strokes for your baby.  You can also do more yoga for yourself or simply enjoy being in the relaxing, supportive atmosphere where you can just relax, stop and do nothing!

What if my baby cries?

No-one minds if your baby cries.   You will find that the class is a very supportive, easy-going place where you and your baby are accepted just as you are.   We also learn specific moves to help soothe crying babies, and these can be amazingly effective!

When can I keep coming to Baby yoga class until?

Until your baby becomes mobile, that is crawling, shuffling or walking and spending more time away from you than with you.   Mobile really means on the go which normally happens around their first birthday.   Saying that of course all babies are different and some early crawlers are quite content to still participate with their Mum in Baby Yoga.

Why can’t I drop in to Mum & Baby Classes?

I ask for a commitment to a course of classes to give babies a chance to get used to it, and to help keep the group as a whole more settled.   Babies usually take a few classes to settle in and tend to respond best to regularity and repetition. This means you can get more out of the class too!   If space available it is feasible to join the course after the start date for a min of 3 weeks.   The longer you can keep up your yoga practice together, the more you will both discover.

Can I bring my buggy?

Yes, there is a lift at Merville House and a safe space for your buggy.