Parent & Toddler Yoga

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18 months – preschool Yoga is for everyone – you’re never too young, or never too old to start yoga.

Toddler yoga classes are a wonderful way to increase children’s co-ordination, self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem while they stretch and strengthen their bodies.

Toddlers like to observe their grown-ups, mimicking our activities and joining in, in their own time.  By linking yoga stretches and sequences with songs and stories, we provide an entertaining and engaging way for toddlers to continue to explore and engage with their bodies and breath.

These classes increase balance, flexibility, strength, concentration and coordination for adults and children alike in a relaxed, fun and creative environment. Your toddler will enjoy this class with Mum, Dad, a grandparent or childminder and every adult can gain the benefits of the yoga too.


A great start, imaginative, creative, physical, calming and fun


Each class ends with a led relaxation – time for you to take a well-earned peaceful moment, whilst your toddler learns by example the quality of focused quietness and rest.   Younger siblings welcome (half price for crawlers)