About Yoga

Yoga uses a series of postures (asanas) designed to stretch strengthen and tone all muscles and even internal organs.   With the demands of everyday living yoga is a healthy way to combat physical and mental stress.  Practicing Yoga helps you overcome and prevent many stresses, strains, aches and pains.  It promotes a firm foundation for health and well-being.

Yoga can be an antidote to the pressures and demands of everyday living with the ability to soothe the body, physically, mentally and emotionally. Yoga is suitable for all types of people and all levels of fitness.  No previous experience is necessary.  Having an inflexible body or minor aches and pains is not a bar!  If you have any medical issues or injuries it’s best to seek medical approval prior to starting a class and advise your teacher.

Yoga Benefits

Regular practice of yoga can give a general feeling of good physical health and psychological well-being.  It can help us to face the challenges of ill health and can assist with the management of many kinds of physical and psychological problem, including arthritis, back pain, depression, loss of balance and many others.
“I chose yoga training with an holistic approach to health”
Many studies have shown the positive influence of yoga on health, including the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs evidence based course led by Alison Trewhela and Anna Semlyen.





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Iyengar Yoga 

Assurance of a safe and thorough teaching system for everyone

“Poise in the body gives peace in the mind” BKS Iyengar

Developed by BKS Iyengar, and one of the most widely practiced methods of yoga with world wide recognised teaching.  The Iyengar yoga method emphasises precision and alignment, and safety in all the poses.  The quality of every posture, physically and mentally, is seen to be more important than the number of poses.  You will learn to move with ease in your body while working within your limitations.  Iyengar yoga’s focus on postural alignment, accuracy and attention to detail in the poses can help with the various types of postural/structural problems that we may have.  It can also assist in the release of emotional tensions, improve concentration and relieve the mind and body of stress.  This, in turn, can lead us towards a deeper understanding of ourselves and help us to cope more easily with the challenges of everyday life.

Birthlight Yoga 

Dedicated to greater enjoyment of  pregnancy, birth and babies

“This yoga is not spectacular, it is about inner work, releasing muscular and emotional blocks, and profound exploration of your true femininity”  Francoise Freedman

The Birthlight approach is integrated and holistic, in partnership with mainstream health care.  In today’s fast paced world, despite medical advances, ensuring the physical and emotional nurturing of pregnant women and new families remains a priority so simple that it can be forgotten.  There is increasing research evidence that positive experiences of pregnancy, birth and early parenting have numerous and lasting health benefits.

  “Miriam’s yoga class kept me focused, grounded and balanced during a very difficult and stressful time. It has also, kept me feeling flexible at a stage when others are telling me they feel stiff and sore.”     Jane

  “Miriam’s class was my first experience of yoga. At the time I started I was in the middle of my final year in university and did not have time for a lot of training or physical activity.  I loved my first class …”    Jack

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